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Spousal & Partner Support

Upon separation comes a new financial reality.

Upon breakdown of a relationship, one party may be entitled to support. 

Entitlement to support is based generally on the following:

  1. Is there a preexisting agreement in place that speaks to support?

  2. Is there a need?   Is one party unable to maintain themselves or enjoy a level of lifestyle approximating the one they left?

  3. Is compensation required?  Did one party give up income, earning potential or employments opportunities because of the relationship? 

Spousal/Partner support is complicated. 

It is not just about entitlement.  Once it is determined or agreed that someone is entitled to get support, a determination has to be made about how long and what amount of support should be paid.  This evaluation involves examination of the nature of the relationship and the effect of its breakdown on the parties as well as the earning capacity of each spouse.  That said, for a more detailed analysis, please see information about the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines (which helps us determine a possible range of amount and duration of support) here:


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