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Why Callioux?

You have to care about families to practice family law well. Having served as litigators representing Child Welfare for Alberta Justice, our core team learned that lesson firsthand, handling sensitive cases day in and day out. We have appeared extensively at every level of court in Alberta, and ran countless court cases including trials and appeals. Our lawyers have acted compassionately and courageously in very complex and sensitive cases. 

As lawyers we have seen and intimately understand the costs and effects of litigation.  We know how to navigate court process when it is necessary and will work to get you the best outcomes possible for your situation.  We also know that there is often a better way to get the results your family needs instead of rushing to fight in Court.

That’s why we started Callioux Law. We have a heathy respect for how hard it is for the Court to deal with family cases and how frustrating and costly it is for families to navigate the court system. We also understand how difficult it can be for those same families to afford legal services and we attempt to handle cases in a cost effective way to make it easier where we can. At Callioux, we set out to provide cost effective solutions to problems all too many families face, in an honest, open and fair manner.


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